What’s the BIG IDEA behind FUSION?

FUSION is a FREE platform to support anyone (e.g., educators, youth workers, youth, students, festival promoters) involved in youth, education, social innovation, or festivals. This amazing state-of-the-art project will for the first time enable and equip anyone working with youth to take their field to the next level, using festivals as social innovation incubators for youth.

FUSION provides a free educational, social innovation, and festival platform and resources that go beyond the classroom. It is designed to be easily accessed and implemented anywhere and at any time, so you can inspire and empower young people to realize their potential and change society.

The Power of FUSION Alliances

FUSION Alliances have the sole purpose of informally uniting for the first time European countries, nations, regions, communities, individuals, and organizations so that they can realize the potential of festivals as social innovation incubators for youth.

As regions and communities, we are more than ever before faced with working, learning, playing, and living in unstable environments. FUSION Alliances wants to actively assist in integrating and empowering stakeholders involved in youth, festivals, education, and social innovation so they can assist today’s youth to unlock solutions to existing unstable environmental challenges. FUSION Alliances will help stakeholders to enable youth to spearhead their efforts to ultimately expand their skill sets and knowledge so they can impact their communities at a local or even global level.

FUSION Alliances will do this by developing a supportive knowledge exchange environment and providing the mechanisms needed to develop a socially innovative project for a festival in partner countries Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Denmark. It did so through 3 key meetings* and 1 FUSION wrap-up event in 2023. These 4 key alliance initiatives formed the sustainable collaborations needed between organizations and stakeholders at a national, regional, and community level. Alliance members are able to ensure new young social innovators of tomorrow can find a supportive environment to develop their social innovation initiatives.

*Remember, FUSION Alliances are hybrid, so anyone can join regardless of location.

FUSION Alliances will actively educate and work with its members to:

Learn from the best by engaging with stakeholders and experts in FUSION fields across Europe.

Come up with country and organization-specific FUSION design solutions.

Learn how to really collaborate, plan, problem-solve, and communicate under the FUSION banner.

Bring FUSION ideas to reality in a way that spurs exciting and memorable value-enriched learning.

Enjoy building a strong sustainable economy and a better society for tomorrow’s adults.

Connect with existing and emerging young social innovators to join a sustainable and positive impact ecosystem.

FUSION Alliances Are for You if You Are…

Involved in or would like to learn about youth, education, youth work, youth leadership, festivals and events, social innovation, informal learning… and how they can positively impact our societies.

Interested in participating in economic, social, environmental youth development and regeneration, cultural innovation, or social inclusion.

A young person who would like to learn new solutions about the circular economy, climate change, tackling poverty, improving unemployment, strengthening your community, tackling homelessness and hunger, or any other social issue.

FUSION Alliance Solutions

Learn how important fields in social innovation, festivals, youth, and education can work together to form design solutions.

Learn how to really collaborate, plan and work together even after FUSION.

Explore and solve problems.

Communicate and bring ideas to reality, share information, data etc.

Learn how to educate people and organizations to enjoy a strong sustainable economy and a better society.

Connect our emerging young social innovators into a sustainable and regional impact ecosystem.

Get in touch with me (Laura Magan) so I can send you any updates (Email Laura Magan; laura@momentumconsulting.ie).

How to Take Part in FUSION Alliances

Take part in FUSION Alliances in any way that works for you for FREE January – May 2023

FUSION Alliance Meetings are engaging, inspiring, creative, innovative, valuable, European-focused, supportive, expertly-led, structured, informal, informative and collaborative.

You will be supported by the FUSION partners at every step in so many valuable ways. Just let us know how you want to get involved, and we will keep you informed.

Access to European Experts

Gain access to FUSION experts on a European Level involved in education, social innovation, youth, and festivals.


Join our alliance network where you will be supported, get to engage and build new synergies.

Discussions and Meetings

Take part in powerful meetings and trending discussions. FUSION discussions and meetings are for you, we cover what is important to you. There are 3 structured, supportive, and interactive hybrid meetings and one final event where you gain new knowledge, interact, discuss, create, engage in knowledge exchange, and generate ideas. More information is below.

Promote and Share

We will from the get-go encourage you to promote what you do and share your stories and wins to date. FUSION is about sharing and learning from each other, especially good practice, winning advice, and experience.

Learn from Social Innovation Festivals

Get inspired by existing festivals in your country that already apply the FUSION ideas, and get to meet and learn from them.

FREE Resources, Guides, Tools, Talks, Action Plans and more

Take part in developing our game-changing resources and get them first. We will be sharing with you inspiring talks, informative articles, amazing stories, powerful case studies and so much more as part of our knowledge exchange.

Would you like to get involved or learn more about the FUSION Alliances Program?

(Email Laura Magan; laura@momentumconsulting.ie)

FUSION Alliance Meeting 1

Great European Minds Come Together Meet, connect, inspire

Thursday, February 23, 2023

4 pm – 5.30 pm CET
Hybrid, English

In the first-ever FUSION Alliance Meeting, great European minds came together to explore connect, and integrate festivals, social innovation, education, and youth leadership. They learnt how you can foster social impact in the youth sector through festivals as education incubators.

They experienced different ways to get connected with FUSION in a way that fit their organizational, company, or network needs. The participants got the opportunity to tell us their unique challenges and problems, and were the first to receive the FUSION resources. They gained access to inspiring talks, engaging videos, state-of-the-art tools, and practical guides on how to set up their own social innovation project at a festival and more.

Outline of Meeting 1: Great European Minds Come Together

Introduction to FUSION: how it works and its potential in benefiting youth education, social innovation and the festival sector.

 Info on FUSION partners and Alliance.

Inspiration provided by existing cases, speakers, videos and experts, e.g., Roskilde Festival demonstrated how they have used social innovation projects to become a pioneer of the European festival industry.

Access to brand-new resources, e.g.:

FUSION good-practice guide, complete with expert advice and cases from festivals all over Europe.

Toolbox and online educational resources with 100+ tips, tricks, and templates preparing you on how to do your own social project at festivals, including videos and lots of valuable festival content.

Alliances Resources, e.g., FUSION Action Plans, country-specific reports, and design methods.

Discussion rooms for questions, knowledge exchange, and opportunities to provide attendee input (challenges, gaps, etc)

See a social innovation festival in action…

Meeting 2

Interaction of great minds

March/April 2023

Great minds came together on a national scale to collaborate and activate ideas, exchange knowledge, pool resources, gain access to the next brand-new FUSION resources, get involved in the project development, and extend the partnership, so it is inclusive, dynamic, and diverse. We analyzed festivals’ potential as platforms for social innovation together in a SWOT analysis… and more.

See the Alliances Reports and Action Plans for further information (see below).

Meeting 3

How to realize festivals’ potential

April/May 2023

This meeting is where we got to the meaty, exciting stuff. We in each country alliance discussed how to best realize the potential we have found in Meeting 2, what social innovation projects could look like, how young people can be activated etc.

See the Alliances Reports and Action Plans for further information (see below).

Meeting 4

FUSION Alliances wrap-up event

April/May 2023

Summary of the Alliances' findings.

See the Alliances Reports and Action Plans for further information (see below).

English FUSION Resources

FUSION Guide to Alliances (full version)

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FUSION Guide to Alliances (short version)
+ Alliance Action Plan Ireland

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FUSION Guide to Alliances (short version)
+ Alliance Action Plan Denmark

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FUSION Guide to Alliances (short version)
+ Alliance Action Plan Germany

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FUSION Guide to Alliances (short version)
+ Alliance Action Plan Spain

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Further Links and Organizations (Ireland)

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